Powder Pouch® ensures sand-free skin
when you leave the beach!

Whether you’re surfing, on the beach with friends, or with the little ones in the sand, Powder Pouch will brush off sand to keep you comfortable.

The Powder Pouch was created by a fifth-generation beach family who love the sand,
but didn’t want to bring it home!

  • Order NowFree drawstring carrying case

  • Cotton pouch is washable and refillable

  • Comes pre-filled with a starter supply of talc

  • Helps keep sand out of vehicles and upholstery

  • Makes changing baby diapers on beach a breeze

Directions: Pat the powder filled pouch a few times to release
the powder. Gently rub against the dry sandy areas of your skin. Sand easily falls away leaving you feeling smooth and comfortable. Fold and store in drawstring carrying case.

Product Care: When cotton applicator is empty, machine
washable. Tumble dry low. Refill with talc or your favorite powder. Use damp cloth to wipe clean carrying case.

Not Just for the Beach! Powder Pouch is also great for: sandboxes, changing diapers, at the gym, sports, removing construction or lawn debris, camping, traveling, personal hygiene and minimizing the mess of
bottled powder.